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Caribbean Taste & Flavour
Renaissance in Caribbean Taste Culture
The Caribbean food sector has seen spectacular growth over a number of years.

Household names have surfaced into the mainstream promoting an authentic product range to critical acclaim.

Orlando's Caribbean Taste and Flavour is well placed to ride the crest of this exciting taste culture by offering a variety of marinated, vacuum sealed, ready to cook products to a discerning, health conscious, lifestyle cliental.

Inspired by a passion for the region and nutured by the warmth of it's people, the carefully selected spices and seasoning reflect the taste and mood of a modern Caribbean Cuisine culture that is both excitingly exotic and reassuringly familar.

We offer an affordable premium quality marinated vacuum sealed product that is taste assured and pleasing to the palate, packed in a modern, convenient stylish format which enhances the flavours and sustains the quality with the potential to save to households through enhanced portion size management leading ultimateley to a reduction in food waste.

Stovetop Fry Grill or pop in the Oven

Have fun in the sun with the BBQ

Sous Vide (water bath required)
a modernist culinary appliance which involves
cooking vacuum packaged food in the water bath at a desired temperature to acieve perfect results repeatedly.
Savour a blend of authenticity with familiarity and capture our unique flavour combination

Providing cooks with the ability to customize their dish and empasizing functional benefits.
Calypso Salmon

Served with Orlando's butter bean sauce
Caribbean Curry Chicken

Served with Orlando's curry sauce
Jerk Turkey Fillet

Served with Orlando's mint and guava sauce
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